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Do you need to simplify your ACT prep?

The ACT System self-paced course gives you the prep you need in order of importance!

The ACT System Book Mailed to Your Door

Once registered, The ACT System book will be packaged and mailed to your door at no extra cost. The book compliments the course, which includes video explanations for each and every one of the book's nearly 1,000 practice questions!

Mr. Philip Martin is an expert in all, not merely one, of the ACT's major subject tests. Unlike YouTube and TikTok's algorithms and endless cycles of videos made by content creators you've never heard of, his is guidance and prep (built on experience and research) that you can trust.


Taught by Expert Instructor - Mr. Philip Martin


Comprehensive Prep for Only $0.27 a Day

You and your son or daughter have worked hard for over a decade to build the foundation of an education; you shouldn't have to break the bank to keep it going. For less than 30 cents a day you will have access to the greatest, most well-researched ACT prep on the market, a small investment for a lifetime of opportunity.

Between sports, school work, social life, family life, and other activities, students can have schedules that fill up faster than a Fortune 500 CEO. The ACT System self-paced course gives the student the power to prepare at the times that fit their individual needs.


Prepare for the ACT at Your Convenience


Access to Prep You Can Trust for Two Years

Whether you need it for a month or two years, The ACT System has you covered. Your access can span from the middle of sophomore year to the middle of senior year. Once purchased, it's yours to use for up to 24 months.

If you use The ACT System and do not see improvement on the ACT, you can expect nothing short of a full refund. I wouldn't worry about this though: if your son or daughter follows The ACT System, they will be as prepared as possible, guaranteed.


Score Increase Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s what some recent students and parents said about The ACT System:
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What makes The ACT System different?

The ACT System is designed to be systematic, meaning it puts first things first, second things second, and so on. As the course moves along, previously presented and necessary knowledge is reinforced. You can trust that each and every lesson is NECESSARY to improving your ACT score; no more flipping through giant books and no more random binging of YouTube videos!

Nice to meet you! 

I’m Mr. Philip Martin, and I am excited to guide you step-by-step into the ACT score you’ve been dreaming of for yourself or your son or daughter!

While working with hundreds of students over a decade to increase their ACT scores in all subjects, it dawned on me that something was missing from most options out there: coherence. 

This is why, after thousands of hours of research and ACT prep teaching, I decided to create The ACT System. ACT prep doesn’t have to be overly complicated, overly burdensome, or overly expensive. 


I’d be honored to be your guide!

Philip Martin
Mr. Philip Martin
Student Writing

Still undecided? The ACT System will be a perfect fit for your son or daughter if…

- He or she has received a disappointing score - smart, hard working kids who take the ACT blind are often disappointed by the results, which can lead to unnecessary doubt and confusion. Solid, established, well-researched ACT prep can bridge the gap between your child’s abilities and his or her ACT score.

- He or she has a target ACT score - the rising cost of college tuition is showing no signs of slowing down, thus the need for scholarships, many of which require a certain ACT score. In addition, in such a competitive time, universities are unlikely to lower ACT requirements for admittance; is there a university just out of reach that your child has his or her eyes on?

- You need a plan of attack - it is a rare child who can take matters completely into their own hands. Most spend 10 minutes surfing YouTube for ACT prep videos in hopes that something will stick. The ACT System, however, is a trustworthy source that, when paired with the book, is guaranteed to give your son or daughter the confidence they need on test day.

Enroll in The ACT System Today!
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