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Question for you…

What if you could confidently skyrocket your ACT score in
6 weeks or less?
The Early Bird Price of
$397 ends soon!
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Let me explain…

What if, step-by-step, you could wipe away the stress that comes with ACT prep, and be guaranteed to do your best on your ACT test?

A higher ACT score can mean many different things. It could mean being admitted into that dream university. It could mean receiving a small scholarship to help pay out of state tuition. Or, it could be the catalyst to a large scholarship, a difference maker for a teen and his or her family.

Without a doubt, with good preparation comes test taking confidence, whereas bad or unorganized prep only creates more panic and confusion. 

If you want more confusion and to keep going it alone, then keep browsing YouTube videos and Google search results. But, if you want organized prep that leads to results,

then keep reading!
Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to do your best on your ACT test, you need preparation. However, there are so many options, it’s hard to know where to turn. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…

“Can my child really improve?”
“Isn’t it good enough if I buy a prep book?”
“Should I pay thousands of dollars to a tutoring center?”
“Do I need multiple expensive tutors to cover all these different subjects?”
“Should we just settle for the way things currently stand?”

Can you imagine?

Imagine the benefits of a higher ACT score without the cost of tutoring centers or the hassle of leaving home or school.
What are those benefits?
LESS anxiety and MORE college options.

Pen and Notebook
If you want the best ACT prep on the market,
I have something for you…
A week-by-week, step-by-step, ACT prep class guaranteed to increase your ACT score.
Here’s what Annie said about The ACT System:

“Mr. Martin's preparatory class was the push I needed to improve my science score a full 5 points. It was not only the final step to achieving my dream of attending the University of Notre Dame, but it also instilled necessary study and comprehension skills that stayed with me throughout my time in college and beyond.”

university of notre dame
Annie - Mobile, AL
Here’s what you get inside of  The ACT System

Over 50 recorded lessons presented by expert ACT instructor, Mr. Philip Martin, in order of importance

Complete ACT English strategy and content instruction

Complete ACT Math strategy and content instruction

Complete ACT Reading strategic instruction

Complete ACT Science strategic instruction

Complete ACT Writing strategic instruction

Access to live office hours with the instructor

Access to all recorded courses for one full year

Around the clock email communication with the instructor for questions

What makes The ACT System different?

The ACT System is designed to be systematic, meaning it puts first things first, second things second, and so on. As the course moves along, previously presented and necessary knowledge is reinforced. Lessons are released a handful per week so as to guide students just enough at a time, which is reinforced by live, weekly office hours with the instructor. Lastly, the course is flexible; participate in the lessons on your own time and at your own pace!

Are you ready to do your absolute best on the ACT?
Pay in Full or 3 Payments. When you enroll today, you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive, transformative, professional ACT English instruction ($250 value)

  • Comprehensive, transformative, professional ACT Math instruction ($250 value)

  • Comprehensive, transformative, professional ACT Reading instruction ($250 value)

  • Comprehensive, transformative, professional ACT Science instruction ($250 value)

  • Comprehensive, transformative, professional ACT Writing instruction ($100 value)

  • Weekly office hours for questions and clarification, and email access to the instructor ($150)

Total Value: $1,250

3 monthly payments of $133
1 time payment of $397
Buy it, try it, apply it.

You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

For those of you on the fence and who are wondering, “Shouldn’t I just get my kid an ACT book?”, I want to give you every opportunity to experience The ACT System can do for your son or daughter.


I am confident in my methods, hardened by over 600 hours of in-person ACT class experience and hundreds of hours of research into the ACT. If your child completes The ACT System, and does not experience an increase in his or her ACT score, I will refund the full price of your purchase.

Nice to meet you! 

I’m Mr. Philip Martin, and I am excited to guide you step-by-step into the ACT score you’ve been dreaming of for yourself or your son or daughter!

After working with hundreds of students over a decade to increase their ACT scores in all subjects, it finally dawned on me that something was missing from most options out there: coherence. 

This is why, after thousands of hours of research and ACT prep teaching, I decided to create The ACT System. ACT prep doesn’t have to be overly complicated, overly burdensome, or overly expensive. 

I’d be honored to be your guide!

Philip Martin
Mr. Philip Martin
  • Can I really improve on the ACT?
    Yes, you can! I have seen it time and again. Even the ACT itself trains educators on how best to prepare students for the ACT test. It is commonly thought that the average student can increase his or her scores 4 points from taking it blind to taking it prepared. However, that is an average; I have had students increase many more points over the years (even 10 points!).
  • How did you establish the price of your classes?
    The prices for the in-person classes offered are set in comparison with other classes and, as you will find with a bit of research, are typically less expensive than what is on offer most everywhere today.
  • What do I get out of a class?
    Each class provides 12 hours of instruction, an ACT prep book, and other materials. Besides these, each student will take away the confidence that comes with knowing that he or she has prepared well.
  • What if I'm a bad test taker?
    All the more reason to take my class. This is for two reasons. First, deepening your familiarity with the ACT will help you feel more confident and comfortable on test day. Second, do you know when to use "between" and when to use "among"? Do you know when to use a colon and when to use a semi-colon? Do you know how to find the missing variable in a logarithmic equation? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then
  • Why can't I use my cell phone in class?
    Will the ACT allow you to use your phone? Distraction is the last thing you need. On breaks, you can use your phone. However, when we're preparing as a group, they need to be silenced and put away.
Student Writing

Still undecided? The ACT System will be a perfect fit for your son or daughter if…

- He or she received a disappointing score - smart, hard working kids who take the ACT blind are often disappointed by the results, which can lead to unnecessary doubt and confusion. Solid, established, well-researched ACT prep can bridge the gap between your child’s abilities and his or her ACT score.

- He or she has a target ACT score - the rising cost of college tuition is showing no signs of slowing down, thus the need for scholarships, many of which require a certain ACT score. In addition, in such a competitive time, universities are unlikely to lower ACT requirements for admittance; is there a university just out of reach that your child has his or her eyes on?

- You need a plan of attack - It is a rare child who can work his or her way through an ACT prep book and improve. Many others surf YouTube for ACT prep videos in hopes that something will stick. The ACT System, however, is a weekly plan putting first-things-first that will not overwhelm already busy highschoolers.

Enroll in The ACT System Today!
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