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The ACT Math and Science System

Course Description

In The ACT Math and Science System, author and educator Mr. Philip Martin expertly guides students step by step through the most effective and research-based ACT preparation available today. The lessons are structured in such a way that the earlier a lesson is presented, the more important (meaning, more likely to raise a score) it is. Once this lesson is learned, it is time to move on to the next lesson. Included in the cost of the program is a hardcopy (not just a digital PDF) of Mr. Martin's ACT prep book by the same name (a $23 value), which includes more than 500 authentic prep questions designed to mimic the ACT itself. Not only does this book supplement the video lessons, but included in the the course are video (not merely written) explanations for each and every problem and email access to Mr. Martin to ask any questions. All of this is available for a full two year's worth of access per registration! What are you waiting for? Use The ACT Math and Science System to do your best on the ACT!





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