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  • Can I really improve on the ACT?
    Yes, you can! I have seen it time and again. Even the ACT itself trains educators on how best to prepare students for the ACT test. It is commonly thought that the average student can increase his or her scores 4 points from taking it blind to taking it prepared. However, that is an average; I have had students increase many more points over the years (even 10 points!).
  • How did you establish the price of your classes?
    The prices for the in-person classes offered are set in comparison with other classes and, as you will find with a bit of research, are typically less expensive than what is on offer most everywhere today.
  • What do I get out of a class?
    Each class provides 12 hours of instruction, an ACT prep book, and other materials. Besides these, each student will take away the confidence that comes with knowing that he or she has prepared well.
  • What if I'm a bad test taker?
    All the more reason to take my class. This is for two reasons. First, deepening your familiarity with the ACT will help you feel more confident and comfortable on test day. Second, do you know when to use "between" and when to use "among"? Do you know when to use a colon and when to use a semi-colon? Do you know how to find the missing variable in a logarithmic equation? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then
  • Why can't I use my cell phone in class?
    Will the ACT allow you to use your phone? Distraction is the last thing you need. On breaks, you can use your phone. However, when we're preparing as a group, they need to be silenced and put away.
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