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The Act System

The ACT System

A systematic, step-by-step approach to ACT prep by award-winning teacher and author, Mr. Philip Martin!

Client Testimonials

"Good morning! I wanted to say thank you and also brag on my daughter a bit. She took the July 17th ACT test after taking your prep course. She just learned she scored a 34. She went from a 29 to a 34! She is very excited...thank you again!"


The ACT System self-paced course is the ONLY of its kind: systematic, built on research, comprehensive, and (most importantly) taught in ORDER OF IMPORTANCE!


The ACT System Book Mailed to Your Door


Score Increase Money Back Guarantee!


Taught by Expert Instructor - Mr. Philip Martin


Access to Prep You Can Trust for Two Years


Comprehensive Prep for Only $0.27 a Day


Prepare for the ACT at Your Convenience

The ACT System

The ACT System series of textbooks are the most well-researched ACT prep books on the market: guaranteed, each featuring step-by-step preparation culminating in 2 full-length practice tests!

Stay in the know about ACT deadlines, discounts, what's new, and upcoming events!

Who is Philip Martin?

Mr. Philip Martin is a husband, father, and teacher, having taught thousands of hours of in-person, live ACT prep to hundreds of high school students. His good-humored and motivational approach in the classroom earned him a Nappie Award in 2022. 

Philip is proficient in all tested subjects on the ACT, and has spent countless hours researching previously administered tests. This deep knowledge is critically important for the students he teaches and those who use The ACT System books to improve their ACT scores one step at a time.

You can learn more about him by clicking below!

Philip Martin

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