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When "ACT Prep" Searches Spike on YouTube

In the image below, you'll see a graph of searches on YouTube for the phrase "ACT Prep"

When "ACT prep" is searched on YouTube

As you can see, there are times when it spikes up pretty high, and at other times, the phrase is hardly searched.

Here's what I found: of the 8 weeks when the search for this phrase was the highest, it came shortly before a nationally administered ACT exam.

What that means, then, are the following three things:

  1. Students are underprepared for the ACT

  2. Students know that the ACT is actually important (they feel the pressure, even if they swat away your concerns to them and pretend it's all fine)

  3. They don't know who to trust for their ACT prep

The problem is that YouTube's algorithm is not designed to prepare your son or daughter systematically through the ACT one step at a time. The solution, of course, is The ACT System. Let me explain.

The ACT System, whether the course (more information here) or one of the books (though the course includes the book for free mailed to your door) was developed by myself based on the way that I (and I think millions of students) learn best: one step at a time. Shouldn't the first thing that students learn be the most important? That's what The ACT System is all about.

The ACT System (compared to binge watching YouTube at the midnight hour):

  1. is safe.

  2. is trustworthy.

  3. is built on hundreds (thousands?) of hours of research.

  4. has been developed by a teacher.

  5. is comprehensive.

  6. includes The ACT System book mailed to your door.

  7. includes video tutorials for every question in the book.

Don't get me wrong; there's plenty of good stuff on YouTube for all kinds of things, but when back-to-back videos put in place by the algorithm on ACT prep contradict each other, you know it's time to go elsewhere.

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